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by Mike Bickle

It takes God to love God. That's why God the Father desires to impart His own love into the hearts of His redeemed. His Son echoed this desire in the high priestly prayer He prayed right before His death, crying out, "Father, put in them the love with which You love Me!" (See John 17: 26).

The love God imparts to us for Him is the same burning desire the Father has for the Son and the Holy Spirit. And we were created to receive it! Let us pray for an impartation of His fiery divine love.

Being filled with holy affection for God brings us to the highest height known in the created order, where we are exhilarated and lovesick for God. Oh, the glory of possessing fiery affections! The capacity to feel deeply and love God passionately is one of the greatest expressions of being created in His image and the very thing that separates us from the rest of His creation.

By God's grace, we will emerge as voluntary lovers, the crowning glory of creation, the bride of Christ. We will be a bride far below the transcendent God in glory yet one exalted beyond the angelic host in intimacy with Jesus.

Our bridal position is the highest in all created order; but it is never to be confused with being equal to God. Cult groups often blur this distinction. We will be equally yoked in love because it is God's own love that is given to us for Jesus.

Our destiny is to enter into the "fellowship of the burning heart." The three Persons of the Trinity have burning hearts of love for one another, and the redeemed are beckoned into this fellowship with God's heart.

How? The Holy Spirit releases in us the capacity to love and know God far beyond the ability the angels have been given. That is one of the most dynamic dimensions of the grace of God for the redeemed: that our hearts burn with love and are fascinated with the knowledge of God. The disciples on the road to Emmaus exclaimed, "Did not our hearts burn within us?" (Luke 24: 32, NKJV).

Jesus knows how to spur the human heart to the hot desire of extravagant, fiery bridegroom love. When we have a revelation of our Messiah as a bridegroom, God transforms our spiritual identity into one of a cherished, lovesick bride. The bridal identity brings us to a unique understanding of ourselves; and it is this revelation that ushers us into the fellowship of the burning hearts.

The Holy Spirit will use this revelation of Jesus to restore the first commandment to first place in the church. Imagine how glorious life in the church will be when He has accomplished this!

Our labors of love in fulfilling the great commission will look different then, when they are carried out with a fiery heart. And when we acknowledge that we carry a primary reward within us -a lovesick heart fascinated with the beauty of Christ Jesus.

Our primary reward in this life is our ability to feel God's love. In fact, the anointing to experience God's love as it comes from Him and flows back to Him is the primary anointing related to the Bridegroom God.

The Father ordained that His Son would have an inheritance - an eternal partner, a bride, a people who are equally yoked to Him in love and who serve Him with extravagant obedience. The bride will stand before Him on the last day as a voluntary lover of God, loving Jesus with the very substance of God's imparted love burning like fire within her. The inheritance the Father promised Jesus is all the nations of the earth (see Ps. 2:7 - 8 ). He will entirely process His people in the nations. But He will fully rule only when He possesses the affection and adoration of the human heart. Then His church will obey Him out of a fascinated, exhilarated, romanced heart, a heart that is overflowing in gladness with His leadership and that receives a growing impartation of fiery divine love.

MIKE BICKLE is the director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri, a 24-hour-a-day prayer ministry. He is also the author of Passion for Jesus and Growing in the Prophetic (Creation House). Visit his ministry on the Web at

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