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Changing Our Perspective

Our Father God is changing our perspective. Our perspective is being changed from an earth-bound, man-centered view to the heavenly, Christ-centered view. We are spiritual creations in Christ Jesus. We have the mind of Christ. Our thinking has been and is being renewed by His Word.

We are beginning to see Him as He is and to see ourselves as He has created us to be. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. It is vitally important that we come to understand who we really are according to our Creator, because this thinking will effect our whole life.

As we see ourselves according to His purpose and plan, we see that He has made us new creations in Christ. Old things have passed away and all things are new in Him. We have been made the righteousness of Christ. We are holy in Him. Fully knowing these things, we must lose a "sin consciousness" and receive "righteous consciousness."

We are increasing in the realization of the finished word of the Lamb of God, our Savior, and Redeemer. Upon the cross He spoke the words--"It is finished." His Church, in this day, is coming to understand the fulness and the impact of these words. We have entered His Sabbath Day of rest. It is not by our works by which we are saved, but by the finished work of the Lamb of God. We have known these things in our intellect, but in this day our Father God is revealing the fuller meaning of these truths so that we can live our lives in the Rest of the Lord. As we cease from our dead works, we enter into His completed work. Our perspective is changed. No longer are we working to achieve righteousness and holiness, but we understand we have entered into His righteousness and Holiness. We have entered into His rest.

Our perspective is not from the earthly realm. Our perspective is from the spiritual realm. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places. This "place" is not a location. It is not some chair or physical throne somewhere in the sky. This place is in Christ! All authority has been given to Christ Jesus our Lord. The authority which He has been given by the Father, we have also been given. We are joint heirs in Christ. Our place in Him is a place of rule and authority. He has already defeated the works of the devil, and made an open show of them. In view of this truth, we see the overcoming, all-powerful Christ. We see the devil as a defeated foe. Our focus, therefore, is not on the works of a defeated foe, but upon the victorious Lord!

What is our response to the revelation of His finished work? Worship! Whenever there is an unveiling--a revelation of Him--our response is to worship our God whole-heartedly and with great joy! True joy is being restored to the Body of Christ. This is not a superficial joy, but a deep and abiding joy in knowing Him.

What will be the effect upon the earth as the Church of the Living God sees His finished work? As He is being revealed to us in greater measure, we are being changed into the self-same image! Therefore, the earth will see Him as He is. As He is, so are we in the earth. He is the Head, and we are His Body. We are His likeness in the earth. His appearing in His Church in the earth will bring many sons to His glory. The time of harvest has come! The Feast of Tabernacles has come! A day of great rejoicing and celebration! Jesus, our Jubilee has come!

We worship in spirit and in truth the God of our salvation. Worthy is the Lamb to receive blessing, and honor, and wisdom, and power, and glory forever and ever. Amen.

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