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New Wine In Worship
Carl Kinbar

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With the current renewal that has swept the world have come new songs that powerfully express what God is doing among us. And with the songs have come a new song that flows from our new and radical experience with our Father. It is a testimony that God has blessed us and shown Himself again in a combination of intimacy, compassion, conviction, holiness and mercy. The new song comes from new territory that God has claimed in our lives.

New Songs for Our Generation
For several years, God has been preparing what we could call a new song book using songwriters such as Brian Doerksen, David Ruis, Kevin Prosch and others. Now an increasing number of gifted worshippers are writing lyrics and melodies that express our new encounter with God.
The new songs in today's language tend to be more natural and poetic. But it is the substance of that expression that is most significant. The songs are characterized primarily by intimacy and immediacy.

As we understand the Father's love for us, a deep response of adoration and joy is kindled. The songs then become our delight because they express our responses. As God affirms, heals and restores us, our desire to be near Him grows dramatically. It shouldn't be surprising, then, that our yearning for increased intimacy is expressed in the language of new songs. One of the earliest we sang in renewal was David Ruis', "True Love."
The new song often reveals the need for healing within. Through the words of these songs the Holy Spirit touches these sensitive areas of our lives. To some the words even seem too intimate to sing. Others who have experienced disappointment and pain from those they have trusted, sometimes find it difficult to give themselves with complete abandon even to the Lord. Those who are emotionally damaged may appear to be in control and seem almost emotionless. Others may have excessively powerful emotions that are hard to control. Both are conditions of bondage that hinder our freedom and intimacy with the Father. The songs can offer a way to freedom.

Many of the new songs are actually bold prayers. They give voice to our hunger for God's immediate presence and power. They express a passionate and faith-filled call for God to come and continue to pour out more of His Spirit now.
These cries form a vital part of the renewal. We want Him to know that we crave His presence, are hungry for more, and desire His glory. Without these songs it would be easy to drift into complacency and to take the outpouring for granted. We also need to be clear on our priorities.
It would be difficult to overestimate the importance of worship in the life of the Church. Along with the ministry of the Word, intercession, ministry time, prophetic utterance and other spiritual gifts, worship needs to be shaped by and filled with what Father is doing among us now. The total package brings us deeper into the fullness of this move of God.
Past generations have sometimes had difficulty allowing God to release them into new dimensions of His Spirit, newly recovered truth, and new aspects of relationship with Him. While fully appreciating what God has done in the past and retaining all truth, let us sing out the new songs that express our closeness to a close God.

Carl Kinbar, a Messianic believer, is on the pastoral team with Fountain of Life church, a non-denominational, Charismatic assembly in Kingston, New York. He has a B.A. in English, and is a graduate of Elim Bible College.

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